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Bought a dc720ka couple of questions


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The KA tell's you that you are buying the DC720 in a kit. DC720B tells you are buying the DC720 as a bare tool.

The DW929 is roughly a 10yr old model. It only had a 3/8" chuck. The DC720 has a 1/2" chuck enabling you to do larger tasks. In all honesty, the two drills are nothing alike other than the color and name. The DC720 has a frameless motor, while the DW929 used the older CAN style motor. The DW720 is my favorite compact drill on the market. If you have not read my comparrison on it. Check it out here.

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Great thanks for the info. I have looked at the 6 tests you had done with that drill and watched all the video of the comparison tests...actually what made me decide on that particular drill to replace my old one. One thing really surprised me was the test done with the milwaukee drill. I used to own one of those but never used it very much so I sold it to my brother...and he had a worker steal it when he left Lol.  But the milwaukee felt good in your hand had great features I was surprised how poorly it performed! Glad I got rid of it.

Anyway really enjoyed the tests....very interesting. Looking forward to my new drill arriving. Thanks again,Brad

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