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My drill got stolen.


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First post has to be a bad one...

Arrgg  I hate thieves..  I live in a nice neighbor hood, cul-de-sac and all.  Left garage open last night and they took my drill and extra battery.  Along with some other stuff, my sons red rider, my daughters iPod.  ARGGGgg…  Back to my drill, it was an older 18v - DW958.  Besides what I want to do about these thieves, what should I do about a new drill?  I still have the charger, I could get a used for almost nothing on eBay.  My brother has an angled screwdriver I think it’s the DW920K.  Says it’s his favorite off all his.  I would if I could afford two.  Right now I just need to replace my 18v.  So I’ve spent an hour or so on here looking around and reading reviews etc.  Being I need this for little projects around house etc and that it’s my only drill so I might need to use for bigger projects if I have to – how does the DCD780C2 compare to my old 18v?  Battery life, power etc? 

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The 780 is a great tool.  It is a compact tool, so is not built to do the extremely heavy applications, but for around the house projects (or professional projects in the lighter trades like HVAC, electrical, etc.) this tool will work great.  If you look around for the used stuff, the DC988 is a great drill, so I recommend that one for the used market.

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