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Differene between D28112 and D28402


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Hello everyone. I am trying to figure out the difference between the D28112 and D28402 4.5inch angle grinders. From what I can find, they seem to be just about the same. Doing a compare on the Dewalt website shows a difference in the switch but nothing else. It seems one has a paddle switch, the other a slide. Is this really the only difference? If so, can one of you fine gentlemen (or ladies) toss out some opinions on which is better and why? Thanks, love this site.

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yes, that is the only difference.  We make a number of grinders that have multiple switch configurations.  The switch mostly depends on what your personal preference is.  A lot of users really love one type of switch, but not others, so we make the same internal features in multiple switch styles.  If you work for a larger company, some companies require specific switch types, but that is not common.  It really just comes down to what you like better.  Hope that helps!

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