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Lithium-Ion for NiCad batteries


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I am new here... but I am a moderator on some sites... so I know to research first.

I am always hesitant to post topics on new sites without knowing the culture...

Plus... it's almost always a waste of time... due to the fact that an overwhelming number of members feel a need to reply whether or not they have any clue.  

But... I'll give this a shot as I have a few local woodworkers who are interested in an answer.

This question is geared to guys out there who repair their own battery packs... as no one else would know how to answer.

I have mostly 18V DeWalt toys... but I also have some older and still useful 12V stuff.

I have updated some of my older 12V battery packs with very high performace Sub-C batteries... and I and very pleased with the results... better than new performace... long lasting charges.

As you may recall... the standard DeWalt 12v before the XRP packs came out was 1.3 amp.  Most of my battery packs now are 2.4 or 3 amp.

So... The question is...

These Sub-C batteries are available in Lithium-Ion...

Has anyone tried to replace the standard NI-Cad batteries in an older NiCad battery pack (12v or 18v)... with Lithium-Ion... and ALSO... figured out a good way to charge them?

Naturally... I could get a Lithium-Ion charger... and swap the guts to the old charger... but I just wondered of someone else has done this.

Just a way of keeping our 12v and 18v tools running longer...

Does anyone from DeWalt have a comment... other than buying all new tools... ???  I do not need a lecture on battery technologies as I have a Master's in EE.  I understand the charger technologies too... and I also understand the need to change interfaces for different technologies so that they are not intermixed.


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