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12v MAX update to 20v MAX features??


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After buying the 20v MAX hammerdrill/impact kit I have come to notice two things that would be really nice to have on the 12v MAX tools. 

First is the light delay.  I think that it was a patent thing that prevented them from having a delay on the 12v, but couldn't they be updated to include a delay now?  I mean, I love my 12v max....but that strobe effect just plain, sucks.

Also the battery release on the 12v batteries is kind of funky.  Having to push a button towards the back of the tool, but pulling towards the front is awkward.  The 20V batteries are great, pushing the button downward while pulling back makes much more sense and isn't so awkward.  My 12v max batteries slid on/off rather well but over time they've started to stick a little, and it makes removal a little more difficult.

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In another thread it was posted that nothing is known about time delay coming on 12V MAX.

As for the batteries and the buttom working in a straight downard vs. back function, I think it's a packaging issue.  Look at these posts of the batteries disassembled:



20V MAX 1.5A


20V MAX 3.0A


Notice the battery orientation is different in the 12V MAX (parallel to sides) vs the 20V MAX (perpendicular to sides).  It looks like perhaps the parallel packaging in the 12V MAX and the battery contacts doesn't leave the extra room needed. 

I could see them extending the length or height of the 12V pack by the 1/4" or so needed so the battery release tab could push straight downward.  Didn't the 12V MAX hit market before 20V max, so perhaps the made this battery release change after 12V MAX was finalized and 20V MAX was still in development? I could see this change being made to the 12V MAX batteries without needing to be concerned with changing the model # of the battery, since it's so insignificant. 

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Perhaps I am just too picky, IDK.  I recently bought the 20V max hammerdrill/impact combo kit.  I've had them for a few weeks but have not had any jobs where I've had to use them very much.  In fact yesterday was the first time I even had to put one of the batteries on the charger.  At the time I was also using my 12v max stuff.  Me and a couple of friends are doing a bath remodel and were using the drills to install studs and bracing where needed, and the durock, sheetrock, etc.  I don't know how many times I caught myself trying to remove the 12v max batteries as if they were 20v.  I didn't do it as much when it came to removing the 20v as if they were 12v because I only removed the one 20v battery for charging.  I would think that DeWalt had the 20v going at the same time as 12v perhaps a little later, IDK....but it would seem to me that it would make more sense that if you're going to release a lineup that has a similar battery install and removal, whether they're compatible or not that you would make them as close to each other as possible so as to not cause a confusion like this....but hey, I'm not engineer!  Like I said, perhaps I am just picky.  But I would really like to know, how many have both 12 and 20 volt and do what I found myself doing while using both systems simultaneously....

Sorry for the rant!  You should see how bent I get over GM's stupid engineers and their idea to have the brake AND reverse lights come on when the car is unlocked form a distance with a key fob!!!  Can't tell you how many times I've waited in a parking lot for the car to back out, only to see someone come up to it to load groceries 30 seconds later....GRRR GM!!!

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