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new combo charger / best of both worlds; 18v traditional battery and 20v max


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just got all the new dewalt catalogs from one of the service centers;

also new tools 2012

they have a new combo charger / " coming soon" (no picture yet) listed

it will be a combination charger; dual port = one for the traditional batteries and one port for the slide on batteries

(18V and 20v MAX)

I hope to see it on the market soon, but there where no specific statements

==> anyway it's coming !



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I'm not really sure if I can post pictures at this point.  Until I see a picture released by DeWALT marketing, I will hold off on posting my own.  Sorry if that sounds lame, but I don't want to be the guy that messes up a release or something!  Hope you understand.

FYI, it looks like it sounds.  It takes 7.2v through 18v, or 12v MAX/20v MAX.

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Is there already a new catalogue (2012) ?

I'll have to start asking around. Maybe the good folks at DeWALT will bring one when they come to visit in a few weeks.

That's a really nice charger. This may come in handy untill I fully switched to 18v XR.

A new cordless catalog with all products through 2012 became available to us about a week ago.  Not everyone has them yet, so whomever is visiting you may not have them yet.

And the charger is a really nice solution.  It will, as you said, help to ease the transition for users who want to switch, as well as be a great permanent solution for those who plan on using both styles, including those who choose the 18v/12v MAX option.

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