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Question about drills.


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Hello,  I am Russ and I recently just joined this forum.  I'll admit, I don't have a tremendous amount of experience with using drills in general, like with hardware, I am continuously learning new information quite often and really do enjoy learning.

So, as most of us know, there are two types of drills, corded and cordless. For a while now, I've wondered if it was possible to convert a corded drill into a cordless drill.  After doing some research and talking with some reasonably knowledgeable people, I have learned it is possible and it seems all is needed is a DC converter, 12 volt battery and rosin core solder.

Now, it's not that I don't like cordless batteries, I am just simply curious on this matter.  Routers have backwards capability and so does certain other electrical devices, so this to me sounds moderately intriguing. 

I am not sure I'd ever do a conversion given I am not actually sure on all the steps and the fact it is easier to buy a cordless drill (A Dewalt of course) but if anyone has any ideas and or suggestions, I'd be more than thrilled to hear them.

I'd like to thank anyone beforehand for taking the time to post any ideas or suggestions as I will admit, this is a rather unusual question to be asked.

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Thank you very much for responding, I honestly thought this question might end up being unanswered. 

I actually read that topic and while it was pretty informative and honestly really made me consider this whole process.

Somewhere on that forum mentioned a Dewalt AC adapter and I heard several months ago that was discontinued years and years ago.  Obviously this can't be bought in a traditional store, but is there any place online where information on this product can be found?

But although that forum you mentioned contained some very helpful information that literally can't be found anywhere, is converting a corded drill into a cordless drill the same process?

To be perfectly honest, I am just curious about this whole process, but I do have a corded drill (that I am not converting, but just for information)  The corded drill I have is a Made in USA Black and Decker Professional 3/8 Variable Speed Reversing Holgun Drill (made in 1988-1989).  The serial number is 331844 and it's from series 1166. 

Made in USA drills are very hard to find, in fact try as I might, I can't find any these days.  The whole reason for me asking, is just for simple curiosity and a means to maybe figure this question once and for all. 

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