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Which is a normal driver/drill?


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I want to buy a good drill for various uses around the house.  I may need to drill into a ceramic plant pot one day or take apart a desk the next day.  I want a drill / screw driver that will server the most purposes.  I'm not sure which one to get.

I see the Hammer Drill and the Impact Driver, but I don't know what these terms mean.  Could you help me decide on which one to buy?

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A Hammerdrill/driver would fit all your needs. It would be nice to have a impact for all your fastening needs, but if your on a budget and are looking for just one tool. A 18v hammerdrill/driver would suite your needs.

The hammerdrill mode would allow you to drill your pot's, porous concrete, brick/block. Your drill mode would allow you to drill through various materials, and give you 2-3 speed's depending on which model you go with. The driver mode would give you multiple clutch options for all your driving needs.

Dewalt offer's compact, and XRP/Premium options. In the 18v you have the DC988, DC925, DC927, DCD970, DCD950 in the 18v XRP/XRP lithium/Nano line. If you are looking for a compact tool, it will cut you down to 2 speeds and a slightly less powerful tool. Two compact options offered are the DCD775, DC725.

Dewalt also has a new 20v max lithium line that offers two options. 1 Premium, and 1 compact hammerdrill. The DCD985, and the DCD785.

Hope that helps?

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Thanks for your reply.  I'm not on a budget, so I think I'll get both.  There's a kit I saw with both that's not too bad in price.

I'm glad.  There seems to be a lot more to the hammer drill than I originally thought.  I had no idea I could set it into different modes.  The impact driver seems small, so I would like that for lighter jobs.

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Well, pereonally I do not like the impacts at all and some of my friends also do not like the impacts at all. Mostly due to the very anyoing sound but also because of the poor "feedback" if fastening something in thin steelplate or something like that.

For 99 percvent of all time there is no use for the power of the impact, normal screws are no problem with a normal drill/driver. In fact it is very seldom you need a impact, The drill/driver quiet operation and nice "feedback" is much better most of the time.

However, there is situations there a impact is the only way for sure, like fastening screws directly into concrete without any plugg. That kind of work is almost impossible with a drill/driver.

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I been doing construction for years.  I dont like the impacts either & I bought several different models.  They are ok for some things like lag screws & bolts.  Some guys I know just love them & use them for everything.  The impacts will break the #10 zinc hex sheet metal screws, but the drills wont.  I just use my DCD760s for most, then I have one 12v Max drill driver I use for some tight/small areas & then I got the DCD970s for some heavier/concrete work.  If I were starting with all new tools now, I might consider getting the 20v Max only & not the 18v.  The 20v Max does have new technology in it & the batteries have a higher amp hour.  But at least I can get the 18v tools & batteries almost anywhere, but that may soon change.

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