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Drill Chuck Runout on DCD780 (20v MAX)


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Hi there.  I'm new, and just bought my first DeWalt tool to replace a nice older Makita and a cheap Ryobi set whose batteries just weren't cutting it anymore.  I opted for the DCK280C2 Drill/Driver and Impact Driver set. :)

My question is regarding the chuck on the DCD780.  I noticed that it has a small bit of runout.  I'm a home machinist, so I put my dial indicator to it.  It looks like it has about .014" (total, +/-.007") wobble at 1".  (I used a 1/2" bearing shaft that I know is straight.) 

My question is what is acceptable tolerance here?  I did some searching, and a few Amazon reviews do show up with people complaining about the straightness of the chuck on these 20v MAX drill/drivers.  I also saw one post that listed a response from DeWalt to a customer:

Sorry to hear of your problems with chuck run-out. Our specs call for no more then 15,000 one inch [sic] from end of chuck.

I assume thats 15 one-thousandths or .015 -- that seems like an awful amount of runout to me, but I could just be used to mills and lathes that have higher tolerances.

So my questions to the community: where should I set my exceptions?  should I be calling my DeWalt service center?



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I'm just trying to determine what my expectations should be on chuck runout.  I do admit that the reviews on Amazon maybe have me a bit paranoid about my new tool purchase.  It seems like 3 of the 8 posted reviews mention chuck wobble or runout-- and some of those have comment replies that back it up further.


I probably wouldn't have even checked the run out unless I saw these reviews.  I'm very happy with the quality of the product otherwise... but to it really seems pretty basic that the chuck should be co-axial with the motor.

Am I over thinking things?  Anyone else have any experience with run out on their drill/drivers?

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I have multiple drills, if you have read any of my reviews, you've probably seen the slew of drills in every shape, brand and size. Every drill I own has wobble. Some worse than others, but they all have some play. I don't know what a acceptable tolerance would/should be? My Rohm branded chuck's for whatever reason seem to be the smoothest, LFA's, then Jacobs, then the home-grown unknown chucks.

There are a lot of other good quality chuck's out there, but a majority of what I own are listed above.

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For what I´ve seen the hammer versions also seems to be worse than the non hammer versions. My little dcf610 has very little wooble, my dcd920 (dcd960 in us i guess )  has little wooble. My freinds dcd985 has more wooble ( hammer drill) and one of my other friends dcd975 ( no hammer mode ) has less wooble than the dcd985.

Could just be a coincidence, have no idea but as Dewalt Dude wrote, all drils have some wooble, some more, some less.

And it can not be a dewalt issue I guess since many different drill manufactures buy chucks from same chucks manufactures.

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