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Question about Dewalt.


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I've learned that Dewalt was bought out some time ago and even so, I know there is a customer service numbers.  However, not to disrespect Dewalt in any way, but I have some fairly technical questions I'd like to ask, more likely to someone in tech support.

Problem is, I can't find a direct line to Dewalt's tech support anywhere these days.  I live in the USA, so it's not like I am trying to find some impossible numbers here.

However, straight up, I really don't want to speak to a sales person, I know they have a job to do, but I want answers, not guesses or answers they think I'd like to hear.  If this means speaking to a manager directly, I am perfectly fine with that, but I truthfully would just like a direct line to technical support.

I'll admit, some of the questions I have aren't as challenging as I think I they might be, but I am nearly 100% customer service won't be able to answer most of them. 

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I noticed that Dewalt sells carpenter pencils, but I am not sure where to get them at all.  I looked at the website, but kept on having issues with their website.

I also was thinking of getting one of their shirts one day, but I've had zero luck in finding any information.

You can buy the stuff through the link that DeWALTDUDE pasted, it is where we buy the stuff to give away to all of you! :), but understand that it is another company making the stuff for DeWALT or promotional purposes, not because they are especially great pencils or shirts.  If you do want them though, it is a good place to pick them up!

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