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Help me choose! Which combo kit?


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Hey guys. I've been doing a bunch of reading as I'm in the market for my first impact driver...and first Dewalt! All of that brought me to your forum.

I started by looking at the DW056 impact, then realized that I might as well spend a bit extra and get the 825, and of course you might as well get a combo kit at that point...and THEN I started reading about the new 20V MAX stuff...jeez!

So anyway, I've found a couple of deals and was wondering what you would go for and why, or if you have any other suggestions. Before I list the combo deals I will say that I'm just buying these for projects around the house...I'm not in the trades or anything. That being said, I like buying quality items and getting the best bang for my buck.

Combo #1: DC825KA with two XRP batteries and a free bare tool (DCD775B). This option would be $209 shipped. Because it isn't actually a combo kit I may not have a case for the hammer drill.

Combo #2: DCK290L2 with the free 3rd battery. This would be $310 shipped plus since I'm in Canada there is a chance I may end up paying more duty/tax when I try to bring it across the border.

What do you think? Other deals I should consider? I don't mind ordering from the states, but can't get from HomeDepot.com as they don't take Canadian payments.

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I would look at the DCK285C2.  It is the compact battery, so you save some money, but it will still be plenty of run time for your jobs around the house (I am using compact batteries right now to remodel my place).  the compact hammer drill is a nice, light weight, versatile tool, and the impact is the same tool as in any other 20v MAX kit, just with the smaller battery.  That's my two cents!  No matter which way you go, you listed all great options.

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Thanks for the reply.

Looks like other then the HomeDepot.com deal, most places have the 285C2 For around $300 with the 3rd free battery. For the same price I'm thinking I might as well get the 290L2, despite the fact that the smaller batteries are probably all I need.

How would you compare the weight and comfort of the 825KA (NiCAD XRP) to the DCF885 with 3.0Ah battery? Obviously the 1.5Ah battery would make the tool even lighter, but if the 3.0Ah setup is comparable or better then the older 825 XRP setup, I'd be happy. If I ever wanted I could always buy some 1.5Ah batteries as well.

I currently have a combo kit of MasterCraft cordless tools which includes a hammer drill. I'm sure it is not near as good as the Dewalt, but it does work well and this is the one reason I'm leaning towards the kit with the bigger hammer drill. The MasterCraft could be used as a secondary drill for smaller jobs and then I'd have the power of the 985 for use with spade bits, hole saws, and any drilling into concrete.

Anyone else have an opinion or know where there are good deals on the 285C2, 290L2, or a kit with the older 825 impact?

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