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Circular Saw Recomendatios.


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I'm looking for a new circular saw.  Can't get the base plate square on my old Dewalt 18V and it just binds.  Thought it might be time to buy a  corded saw.  Brand doesn't matter.  Budget is around $100.  Mostly basic DIY projects with and occasionaly need to cut up to 3/4-1" plywood with some sort of guide. 

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If you are looking for a solid DIY circ saw, I highly reccomend the Dewalt DW368. It's been around for over a decade, and has seen little change. It's a tried, and true little work-horse that will fit into your budget.

T.I.A did a nice review on it here.

Bundle the DW368 with Dewalt's new Circ Saw blade DW3599, and you've got yourself a lean, mean, ripping machine. Last I checked, Lowe's had a BOGO sale on the DW3599 blade for $9.97.

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DW368 is a good saw.  I bought the DW369 in October 2011.  Exact same model but mine adds a blade-brake, case, depth-of-cut lever is located in a different spot & a different baseplate.  I wanted a good standard circular saw (non-worm drive) & my budget allowed for a little more.  If my budget only allowed $100, the DW368 would have been my first choice. 

I did post some questions before I bought the saw here:


Also, I did learn that back in 2002 there was a recall on both of these saws.  Date code 200128-F through 200152-F.  If the date code is followed by an "X", your saw has already been repaired.  It is possible for the spindle on the saw to slip, causing the blade to contact with the lower guard, creating a possible risk of injury.

But your saw is not included in this recall, unless its been sitting around for the last 10 years.

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