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Dewalt DW988 Hammer Drill


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While rebuilding the transmission I came across a 1/4 inch long roller pin. I don't know where it goes. It doesn't seem to go anywhere in the transmission. Any help or especially PICs would be greatly appreciated in advance..

Does it go somewhere in between the transmission and the chuck assembly????

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Anadevi is right.  But I've done some research (sorry ereplacementparts is closed on Saturday and Sun, otherwise I'd call them and ask them directly.)

But I am thinking it's this item. http://www.ereplacementparts.com/spindle-p-64874.html] http://www.ereplacementparts.com/spindle-p-64874.html  The Part Number: 611904-00SV and it's called a Spindle.  However, if what we are talking about is the spindle, I am going to let you in some information Dewalt will likely never tell you.  Part number 611904-00SV isn't the original spindle that came with your DeWALT DW988 TYPE 1 Cordless Hammer Drill . 

Part Number: 611904-00SV actually eplaces obsolete part #: and 611904-00.  611904-00 being the original part number and 611904-00SV the new part.  Dewalt will likely never tell this information and but I will  because I know the feeling of being left high and dry and completely on your own with power tools and part numbers.

However,  this spindle corresponds to figure 28 in the ereplacementsparts website and costs $30.38.  Now you see why I say be careful with the original part you may have.

However, you requested pictures and it wouldn't be acceptable in the very least on my end not to provide them as they do exist.   

I'd like to post a picture,  but for some reason Yahoo is being extremely difficult now, so I'll just have to give you the link to the image.


Little bit of information I've also procured, apparently Part Number: 611904-00SV is included in  part number 399102-01 of this unit.

http://www.ereplacementparts.com/gear-case-assembly-p-64872.html  Gear Case Assembly

Part Number: 399102-01SV is what it is called, but This part replaces obsolete part #: and 399102-01. 

This item corresponds to figure number 15 and costs a hefty $54.79.  In addition though  Includes part number 399059-00 with it as well.

Here is a link to the whole diagram http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dw988-type-cordless-hammer-drill-parts-c-1009_9661_2385.html] http://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dw988-type-cordless-hammer-drill-parts-c-1009_9661_2385.html

On Monday I recommend calling ereplacementparts at 1-866-802-6383.  However, your probably like me and don't want to deal with a customer service agent who is nice, but unhelpful.  Probably want to deal with a real technician and want a direct line to a extension number right?

Well your in luck as I have all that information.  The extension number is 136 and in case you don't reach by phone and he hasn't called you back, here is his work email.  The work email is jason.larsen@ereplacementparts.com

Not satisfied with ereplacementparts and want several other options?  I have that and more.   

Banner Tools Service (623-842-0800) helped me out immensely a while back and they are very easy to deal with. 

Another company Arizona Power Tool Service  phone number 602-485-4067. 

Tired of dealing with brick and mortar shops and being frustrated with not getting the right parts/ information?  I know the feeling and that is why I am going to suggest www.Partsimple.com

Here is their contact information.  For phone number it is 1-888-399-2787?  If you don't have time/feel like talking to a person, you can also email them as well.

Having issues with Partsimple and want a be end that ends all answer?  Here is their Corporate Address. 

PartSimple Inc.

1202 Lexington Ave

Suite 169

New York, NY 10028

Hope I was able to help you out.  If you could post some pictures, that would really be quite helpful as well.  Let me know if I can help you out though if you have any other questions. 

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