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DeWALT D24000 10" Wet Tile Saw Discontinued?


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I have not heard about this, so I am skeptical.  However, if it is being discontinued, I would assume that it is becuase an updated/upgraded version will come out a little before. 

I wouldn't worry, I highly doubt that DeWALT will get out of the tile saw market, as they currently have one of the best saws/the best saw out there.

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So I ended up buying a D24000S Wednesday after work.  I was actually contemplating on buying the new Bosch tile saw with the smooth as silk cutting cart and slide out water tray but in the end it was yellow and black as it was $100 cheaper and has been around longer.

I have a job coming up in Feb with the customer wanting 12x24 tiles installed.  I estimated about 7 days of tiling so instead of renting for 7 days and end up with nothing I'd buy one outright.

I had a MK Diamond 370 EXP but that doesn't have 24 inch rip capacity.  I ended up selling that today for $300.00.

First thing I noticed when loading the box into my van was the box top was retaped.  It was obvious it was opened previously.  Second thing I noticed was on the long side of the box a 4" round piece of yellow cardboard was missing showing the corrugations between the outside and inside layers of the cardboard.  Weird.

So I got home and unboxed my new toy and noticed a white sticker on the short side of the box saying "DW130V included in box".  I already have one of these mud mixers so my first thought was to sell it and make some money back.

I unboxed everything making sure all components were there but sadly there was no DW130V.  So I figured there was a promotion in the past that included a free mud mixer.  When the promotion expired they opened up the box and removed the mud mixer and retaped up the box.  The missing round piece of cardboard was probably a promotion sticker that they cut away.  They simply forgot to remove the other white sticker.  Oh well.

So I assembled the beast.  I attached the cutting cart to the rails and noticed it wasn't sliding very easily.  WTF?  I removed the cutting cart and noticed the rear roller assembly was missing a bearing.  The guy on the assembly line tightened the axle nut without the bearing in place so that it was tight up against the roller wheel essentially "freezing" the roller assembly.  I was a little miffed.  This saw was probably the last one built on a Friday afternoon.

I brought the entire cutting cart and receipt back to the store next morning and they exchanged that component on the spot.  That evening I spent some one-on-one time with my new fully functioning tile saw.

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