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DeWALT Vacuum


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I just bought the DC500 last week.  It sucks!!!  In a good way.  I was waiting almost 1 year to see if something new was going to come out.  But not dissapointed at all (keeping in mind it is cordless).  Keep in mind also that I am heavily invested in the 18v stuff (chargers/batteries), so all I had to buy was just the vac.  Most of the reviews I see for it were very good, a few were not so good.  But people might be expecting for $100 it should perform as a big corded model.  I was able to sweep out my entire truck cab with it & the battery never died (used a newer DC9180).  But that project was around 5-10 minutes.  Almost has the same suction as my older corded 'Shop Vac 1x1' (1 hp, 1 gal).


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Does DeWALT planing to make a NEW 20v line ( like DC515K and DC500 ) Vacuums in the future?

I need right now a good,small,portable vacuum like DC500.

So should I go with it or have to wait for something NEW?


I have heard that one is coming down the pipe-line for the 20v max line. When? Not sure. As large as the Vacuum is, I wouldn't  be surprised if it came with the ability to use 18v, and 20v. However, that is just a assumption on my part.

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