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DW368, type 1 - Recondition Project


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Good Day!

I've recently purchased a used DeWALT DW368, type 1.  I got a fantastic deal because the handle had broken off - not to worry, I've already placed an order for one.  My question for you is this; what, if anything, can I do to recondition the tool and improve its performance?  The tool appears to have seen quite a lot of work, and I suspect a simple, yet thorough, cleaning and lubing will help as well.  What is most important to clean, and where should I begin?  I can figure my way through some screws, nuts, and bolts and most of the time I put it all back together correctly, so please, don't hold any ideas back.

Also, I'm in the market for a good blade.  I am on a budget, so I'm looking to get the best cut for my buck!  Any suggestions??

Any and all help is more than appreciated.


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There are two screw's on that hold on the black cap on the left side of the saw (left if you are holding from behind) Remove those two screw's and you will have a good view of the brushes, and the armature. Check the brushes, and give everything a good blow out with compressed air. That's all you really need to do.

I would recommend Dewalt's new 7 1/4" circ blade. It currently out-preforms anything currently on the market, and the 24t is priced at $9.97, Lowe's has them as a buy one get one free which makes it even better!

ToolsInAction did a review on the blade here.

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