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12v Max driver torque numbers needed


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I am not aware of any such chart? I'm not sure it would do you any good. There are way to many variables to consider when driving a fastener, for a torque setting to have any value.  Size of the fastener, type of material the fastener is going in, the accuracy of the clutch itself, the speed at which you drive the fastener, etc....

What are you doing that you would need these numbers?

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Hmmm... I see what you're saying about the type of fastener, material, etc. I was hoping that the clutch would be accurate enough to have some numbers associated with it.

I do a lot of work on motorcycles, it's not a full time gig, but I at least make play and vacation money this way. All the fasteners on bikes (just like cars) have a torque spec. Traditionally I use a torque wrench and a torque screwdriver with bits that I can change out. For bigger jobs I'll use my air tools, but most jobs are not this big and I don't like listening to the compressor or fighting with the hose for small jobs. After finding out how great and easy to use these tools were, I thought I could use the driver for reassembly of parts.

I'll keep hunting and let everyone know if I find something. I have emailed DeWalt, but not gotten anything back yet.

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Traditionally I use a torque wrench and a torque screwdriver with bits that I can change out.

here an idea, how about using the torque wrench on a bolt first then use the drill settings to sort of calibrate... I do that on things... I tighten up a screw by hand then set my drill to the lowest number and go up until it stops clicking... that works for me.

edit: :) brain fog.

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