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modification to Dewalt portable bandsaw


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I have a Dewalt heavy duty deep cut portable bandsaw, which has about a 4" throat, and is designed for cutting down through things like pipes or angles.  It has guide wheels that give the blade a roughly 45 degree twist so that the saw is not limited by the length of the item that is being cut.  So here is the question:  does anyone know of an alternate set of guide wheels that will allow the blade to remain un-twisted with respect to the lay of the rest of the blade?


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You are referring to the DWM120K?  What is the benefit you are looking to gain from de-articulating the band? 

I wouldn't recomend altering/changing those bearings, as they are a big benifit to the DeWALT.  DeWALT uses 8 individual bearings, instead of the standard 4.  This helps the whole mechanism last longer.

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Hey K. Not quite true regarding blades lasting longer. Twisting the blade actually makes them bend more and brake sooner. Good business for the blade manufacturers. 

To D’s question, no one makes the bearing mods he’s asking about. I’ve made then but it takes some very fine milling and designing in cad drawing. And each saw is different.



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