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Brushless? interesting.

Here's a bigger image of the DCF895L2 Brushless impact driver.


Some specs:

Input Power: 18 Volt

No Load Speed:  0-950/0-1900/0-2850/min

Impacts per Minute 0-1300/0-2400/0-3300ipm

Max. Bolt Diameter: M12

Max. torque: 170 Nm

Power Output 290 Watts

Bit Holder 1/4in (6.35mm)

Looks like it has 3 speeds.

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there will be even more;

just don't have the model numbers, travelling

but there is also a

new 20v max metal cutting saw (I assume similar to dcs391, but not sure)

((somewhat analog to dc390 < = > dw934)

It's already on UK web sites

so where is the 1/2" imapct wrench ????

would be more important than the 3/8"

I'll be back.......................

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We talked about this charger last year. Look's like it's sorta available online.

5075700.jpg DCB103

Found this on ACE-CANADA website.

Port #1) Charges all DEWALT® 12V - 20V MAX* Li-Ion batteries. Port #2) Charges all DEWALT® 7.2V - 18V NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion batteries (except Univolt batteries). Charges the batteries in 1 hour or less thus minimizing downtime. Diagnostics with LED indicator communicates battery charge status: charged, charging, power line problem, replace pack, and battery too hot or too cold.

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Any idea when the XR series will be available in the US? Or is it and I just don't see it?

Mr. Yellow, thanks for that image and the details ^

Do you mean the brushless impact, or the 20v max line? The brushless is launching in April in the US, and the 20v max line is available now. (18v XR is the name in the UK, 20v MAX is the name in the states.)

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(18v XR is the name in the UK, 20v MAX is the name in the states.)

I guess DeWalt knew most Americans would be too stupid to distinguish between the old 18V lineup and the XR lineup?

Anyway, I'm really excited about the new brushless tools, but I can't help but be a little bummed about getting the DCF885 impact driver and DCD985 hammer drill just two months ago. Just starting my cordless tool collection and was hoping to be on top from the start. So much for that.

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