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Extend the life of the Commutator and Brushes (theory)


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just my opinion only:



I went ahead and did this to a new dewalt drill that has the frameless motor. The theory is that I will extend the life to the commutator and brushes due to the fact that from factory the commutator has rough ridges (as seen in the first picture). The brushes need a rough area to work properly but I believe the roughness of the commutator from factory is too rough. Why? Because those ridges are not left there for the commutator performance but are left there from the CNC mill bit.

The factory ridges seem unbalanced like this video shows... the black spots.


that would wear out brushes quicker and faster (depending on how frequent one would use the drill).

The second picture shows how I removed those ridges but still kept the commutator rough enough for the brushes to work well. This video shows how very little sparks the commutator makes after... less sparks.. less commutator and brushes wear and tear.



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