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new 2012 Q1 Flyer and 2012 product catalog with new tools, new kits


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not sure if this is a new topic;

I assume moderator will shift the post to the best area;

Topic is 2012 catalog and new tools

well in Germany the new 2012 catalog is fresh from press and available since 30.1.12

in the XR 18V (20Vmax)  range two tools are listed

dcs331 jigsaw

dcg412 grinder

we already know this, but interesting is the statement made

on dc411 and dc330

=> available only till June2012

looks like Dewalt is reducing availablity of some of the "old style" tools

the new tools will be available/ on market here in April 2012

hence, a similar statement is made for the availability of dc822

avail only till Sept. 2012

now one can depict that like with the other XR tools a "replacement / follow-up" model should be available two months earlier

=> so let´s look for a new impact wrench sometime Jul2012 announcement


new kits are also listed


means 3 batts

circ. saw, drill recip saw, lamp and the new jigsaw dcs331



a kit with dcd985 drill and dcg412 grinder in tough box



MEGA KIT ; 4x 3,0Ah batt

3 tough boxes, trolly

8 tools incl. dcg412 and dcs331

d) dcf895 brushless impact wrench is only listed as a single tool

in kit with battery or as bare

NO radio charger listed for XR batteries


in the 14,v XR range there is also

brushless impact wrench dcf825

dcs332 jigsaw

dcs320 recip saw

dcd720 right angle drill

no grinder in this Volt range

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