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DEWALT® Launches New 20 Volt MAX* Brushless Impact Drivers DCF895C2, DCF895L2


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DEWALT® Launches New 20 Volt MAX* Brushless Impact Drivers that Offer 57 Percent Longer Runtime and Industry-First Innovation**

TOWSON, Md. (Feb. 7, 2012) – Today, DEWALT announces the launch of three new 1/4-inch Impact Drivers (DCF895C2, DCF895L2 and DCF895B) that feature the company’s first-ever Cordless Brushless (BL) Motor technology, which is engineered to achieve maximum runtime. The DEWALT-designed and built BL motor works more efficiently compared to brushed motors, and provides 57 percent longer runtime versus DEWALT brushed impact drivers, and 1.5 times more runtime versus competitors’ impact drivers in a compact, cool-running, durable cordless power tool.

A brushed motor relies on contact between stationary brushes and a rotating armature to transfer energy from the battery to the motor. These brushes are spring-loaded and apply constant pressure, which causes friction, generates heat and wastes energy. According to Aris Cleanthous, engineering manager at DEWALT, the company’s new BL motor “uses customized electronics and software designed to run the motor at its highest efficiency and performance.†As a result, DEWALT’s BL motor system consumes less energy compared to the company’s brushed motor system, which allows the tool to run longer between charges.

“I spend a great amount of my time on jobsites talking to end users about their demands in a tool, so I can attest that longer runtime is the primary concern among many professional contractors,†said Jeremy Torok, senior product manager, DEWALT.

“DEWALT power tool users will find that our new BL has an extended runtime, and therefore lasts longer between charges. This leads to greater productivity on the jobsite and less downtime.â€

Beyond the improved runtime provided by the new DEWALT BL motor, the new impact drivers include a number of other innovative features designed to help increase productivity. For instance, the units include an innovative push button, 1/4-inch chuck. The chuck accepts 1-inch bit tips and allows contractors to complete one-handed accessory changes with the push of a button. Additionally, the impact drivers feature three LED lights surrounding the chuck with a 20-second delay after trigger release to provide visibility without shadows in dark work areas. Finally, a fuel gauge-equipped battery pack alerts professionals the state of charge of their battery.

In addition to longer runtime, the new units offer three speeds for enhanced application control that will benefit a variety of professionals. For example, steel stud framers will be able to rely on the third setting (0-2850 RPM; 1,500 inch/pounds Max Torque) for self-tapping screw driving in metal, while remodelers will be able to use the second setting (0-1,900 RPM; 900 inch/pounds Max Torque) for controlled fastening applications such as door hinge installation. Woodworkers and electricians will be able to use the first setting (0-950 RPM; 500 inch/pounds Max Torque) for finish work such as faceplate installation. The electro-mechanical speed selector is easily seen at all times and can be actuated with little effort.

The new impact drivers are lightweight at only 3.0 pounds (DCF895C2) and 3.6 pounds (DCF895L2). At just 5 1/4 inches in length, the products are the shortest impact drivers DEWALT offers. The tools also incorporate a contoured grip that provides comfort and balance in addition to a metal belt clip, as well as on-board bit storage for convenience.

The premium (DCF895L2), compact (DCF895C2) and bare (DCF895B) 20 Volt MAX* Brushless Impact Drivers will be available in April 2012 anywhere DEWALT products are sold.

The DCF895C2 will come with two 1.5 Ah batteries with Fuel Gauges and retail for approximately $279.00, the DCF895L2 will come with two 3.0 Ah Batteries with Fuel Gauges and retail for approximately $349.00 and the DCF895B will be sold without batteries or a charger for roughly $169.00. The 1.5 Ah batteries will come with a two-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee. The 3.0 Ah batteries and tools will come with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.


DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, including corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors, nailers, saw blades, metal and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more. DEWALT tools can be found nationally and internationally, wherever tools are sold. With more than 1,000 factory-owned and authorized locations, DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America. For more information, visit www.dewalt.com or follow DEWALT on Facebook and Twitter.


The 20 Volt MAX* BL motor Impact Driver comes in three models – a premium unit that features two 3.0 Ah batteries (DCF895L2), a compact version that features two 1.5 Ah batteries (DCF895C2) and a bare tool model (DCF895B). Thanks to the new brushless motor, the impact drivers provide 57 percent more runtime versus DEWALT brushed motors and up to 1.5 times more runtime versus competitors.

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@DEWALTtough launches new 20V MAX* Impact Drivers with new Brushless Motor technology for longer runtime http://bit.ly/xTVlKd #PowerTools


DEWALT’s new Compact and Premium impact drivers offer leading innovation with their new Brushless Motor and adjustable three-speed motors. The impact drivers offer improved runtime and allow you to pick the right speed for each unique application. See it here: http://bit.ly/xTVlKd



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you have to wonder why they didn't use brushless Tec on the new wrenches....I know just like the new impact it will come out later and I'll have bought both....haha. This is gonna be rough. I already struggle between my 12v and 20v drill as far as which one to use because I love them both..The 12v is so powerful for the size....Which now you have to wonder will they do the 12v with a brushless motor to...Man my bank account has taken a beating this year..with all the 12v and 20v and hand tools...and impact acc...and well lets just say I needed a lot this year...they brought the new miter saw like a week after I bought the older one haha....oh well one thing is for sure.. I love and have excellent tools.....the hand tools have really tied it all together..

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  • 4 weeks later...

Does anyone think that this is a replacement for the separate drill and separate driver?

I am restoring a house and carry my drill everywhere (junky ryobi 18V).

I am getting rid of it, even my wife is sick of me complaining about it.  Used it for about everything.

I was looking at getting the

DEWALT 2-Tool 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver/Impact Driver Combo Kit  Model #: DCK280C2

Instead of buying a set with both, does anyone recommend just getting this one driver?

For all drilling and driving needs.

Sounds like a good idea, small, easy switch bits, tons of features.  Drill bits with hex ends are readily available.

Please give me the pros and cons.

Thanks, Doug

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Well. some people love the impacts and some people do not like me. I do not like the sound they make and they are not very good to drill holes with spadebits and augerbits in my opinion. The use for impacts feels much more narrow than the use for a drill/driver but for some applicatio0n they are superior to a drill but personaly I prefer the drill/driver. Even though I´m a proffesional electrician working all days long and are using tools every day I found the need for a impact is very little. Even my friends working as carpenters do not use them and do not like them. But this is very personal.

For a home user I think you should definately go for the drill/driver. That DCD780 is very nice for light and medium task but not very good for the extreme heavyduty drilling application like huge augerbits and big holesaws.

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I'm a remodeler, and basically a maintenance guy for about 200 rentals. I always use my impact.. There has been almost no need for my drivers. But all bits don't fit as a home owner you need a driver as well, but I think you will be fond of the impact, quick story. 2 weeks ago I was getting moved in here. I had repainted the entire place. Trim was all stained wood. We took it to white which required about 3 coats of paint. I put my girlfriend on hardware duty. New hinges and door knobs on all doors. I gave her 12v impact with about 6 inch impact bit. They are easy for door knobs. She is total girlie girl. She later complained about the noise of the impact. I switched her to the driver, and a magnetic bit. About 5 min later I heard the impact sounding off again. I went to see. She said the other drill was wimpie. It was in top gear. I just laughed and walked away. I wondered if she could fathem how many years I spent with a crappy driver haha. It was hilarious though

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impact drivers - fantastic tools!

I live in Ukraine. There is no impact drivers in shops!

So i bought dc827 on ebay. I`m totally satisfied with this tool.

I`m agree that use for impacts feels much more narrow than the use for a drill/driver. So drill/driver will be enough for irregular usage. But if you have extra 100$, there is no reason to not buying impact driver. It is fast and powerful to drive screws. Much faster than drill.

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So, this drill has been in my lowes for a month  now. I have a 12 and 20v pretty new impacts...Anybody have this thing? I want some real feedback....I'm suprised, it was all anybody could talk about for a while... So who has it? I'm still satisfied with my 20 volt impact . I would love the 3 speeds though....how does the chuck do with everyday stuff...That trigger realize?

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I have been using my demo for a few months now, and I am really impressed with it. Keepin mind that I do not do construction professionally anymore, so this is just being used on my house projects (built a new deck, some fence gates, hung some doors, etc.). The runtime is insane. I only charged the battery 1 time while building a 900 square foot deck. The three speed is really nice too, though I was not really working on material delicate enough to really NEED lower torque, I can see how it would be very useful to guys in the field.

Overall, is it an awesome tool? Yes. Do you NEED to upgrade your other 20v? Not if you are happy with it. The brushless is the premium option, but the DCF885 is already a completely capable tool.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good evening all!!

I am curious... When will we see a brushless compact drill launched in the 20v platform? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been to the local big box store looking for DeWALT BL tools, but I have only seen at Lowes. Makita has a BL Hammer drill, but it has less power than their white compact drill, and Milwaukee has drills, but has held off on the impact for some strange reason? Helpa brother out here please?!


I finally got my hands on the BL impact and am impressed- new chuck is B.A.!! Great job men!

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  • 1 year later...

I had a coworker drop this impact from the top of a grain elevator. Fell 60' bounced off a tin roof then fell another 100' on to gravel. The only thing that broke was the bit holder on the side. That was 6 months ago and the drill and battery still work fine today. I'm beyond impressed.

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