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DC012 radio quit working?


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Any one have any incite at all why my DC012 would just quit working, we were listening to it friday night on the job site and the general contractor came in the room to talk to us, i reached over and turned the radio down and pushed it back from the front of the shelf it was sitting on and it just shut off! the display is just dead no numbers no indication at all thats theres any power there. it dont matter if its plugged in or on batteries, theres nothing there at all.  the charger still works fine and when you turn the on/off switch for the radio to the on position you do get a lite thump over the speakers, but not every time, maybe 1 out of 10 times will this thump be there, its a lite quick thump. i have only had this radio a couple years now and compared to my old DC011 it seams like its led a Cinderella's life, the DC012 has barely been out of the van and its never been dropped or even tipped over for that matter, the darn DC011 got the crap beat outa it for years and years before it finely got ran over by a scissors lift and that did it in. some one help please i need my tunes for monday night! :-[

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