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Looking to update from a DC988 to...


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I purchased an XRP 18v kit 3 years back.

Hammer Drill: DC988

Impact Driver: DC825

I use them on average 5 days a week, 12 hours a day in a mix of concrete, wood, metal, and drywall.

1 of my 3 batteries are on its way out, and my other coworker purchased a set of Lithium's for his. I love how much lighter they are, and the extended run time he gets over my Nicad's.

I got approval from my manager to order a set of Lithium batteries and charger for my set. It looks like its about $200 for a set with charger.

My other coworker is using a Hitatchi drill, which in all respects is a joke and he hates it. So I had this neat idea, and giving him my set, and for about $100 more (on top of a set of l-ion batteries) that I could have a whole new set.

I was looking into the 18V L-Ion sets, but I was also eyeballing the 20v MAX. But Im not sure how the MAX differes from the XRP series.

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If you have the flexibility to start your kit from scratch, I would recommend going to 20v max. The dcd290L2 will be a great option, as it is the premium impact, hammer drill driver, two batteries charger and bag. You will be really happy with that set up, as it is a good deal lighter, better run time, longer battery warranty, better ergonomics, etc.

That's my two cents!

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