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DW744 Throat plate / smart guard system

Mr. Yellow

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So I stumbled upon the Smart Guard blade guard system again.


I remember DeWALT telling me this will not fit older types of the DW744 that come with the regular/basic blade guard.

This is because of the riving knife and the way it attaches to the saw.

I already cut my riving knife to be just below the highest point of the blade.

So I have no need for the riving knife from the Smart Guard system.

Am thinking of just buying the Smart Guard and modifying the current knife to fit the system.

Wonder if anyone here uses this system on their DW744/745 (seems an US only safety feature) and if it's easy to make it work with a regular riving knife. I could order the riving knife to go with it to use as a template for the holes on my existing one.

One thing that bugs me is the throat plate. It's a pita to unscrew the torx every time I need to change blades.

The DW745 has a much nicer plate.


Is this also available for the DW744? Or will this 745 part work on a 744?

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I see the DW744 has that same new throatplate, so I will try to order some parts from the US as I really want that throatplate.

I'll have to find a dealer that ships internationally.

Also will order the new smartguard bladeguard system. I can fit it onto my existing riving knife that needs just a little modification.

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