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What is your favorite tool?


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(Fein) Multi- Master, one of the best tools, very versitile

so called Multi tool

.... and here we go again: DeWalt is one of the few manufactures who does not have such a tool !!!

very, very sad

also poor company marketing !

(even within B&D Stanley and Porter Cable have such a tool, strong explanation needed !!!)

Bosch has both corded and cordless

Makita now has both cordless and corded

Ryobi, Rigid, etc.....

what a shame !!!!!!!

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DCF 610 for easy task like screw smaller screws. ( as a electrician I have a very hard time to se the benefit of a impact )

DCD960 for drilling in wood. ( impact are worthless for drilling in wood )

DC 213 for light concrete drilling. For heavy drilling a corded rotary hammer like the d25602.

As you can see I´ve never understood the hype about the impacts. Sure, for super size lags and big screws directly into concrete without a plug but otherwise?

Well, my tools are the old generation and I guess the new 20v max is more convenient to use but as long as they are working I will keep them. The day they broke I guess I will se what brand is the best for the moment. But Dewalt has up to day never let me down.

Bottom line, impossible to have only one favorite tool since there is not one tool in the whole world that can do all kind of different task.

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