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Some problems with the DW9116 DeWalt 220V and battery DC9096.


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Some problems with the DW9116 Dewalt 220V and battery DC9096.

Hi. I bought in China, this charger.

Also, two batteries DC9096.

When I installed the battery in the charger.

Once emerged, quickly flashing red signal.

This means replacing the battery.

If, charge the batteries from the electric power supply (DC, 18V, 2.8 A). Can they recover? Without changing the cell. (Voltage 14.5 V, the material Sanyo 2400 mha). Probably a long time lay on the stock.

I have attached a photo: circuit board charger.

Can you say with a charger all right or not?

Layout of the board corresponds to the voltage 220V?

Thank you for your help.

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Yes, I have photos of the battery.

Batteries do not work, have deteriorated.

I gave in for repair, replacement cells.

Now there's another question.

Gave to repair the charger.

Before the repair, when the battery is installed, the light blinked very often (Mode: Replace Battery).

After the repair, they replaced the transistor to the more powerful (700V).

Now, when installing the battery, the light blinks twice (Mode: Problems in the electrical network).

Interestingly, that will show after installing new batteries.

But, it will be after 4 days (replacement cells).

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