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20 V MAX Battery Converter for 18 Volt


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So this might be possible...or not?  but since the new dewalt 20 volt  batteries are slide pack there could possibly be an adapter made to turn it into a battery for 18 volt tools as well? The only problem I could see you running into is the 18 volt side clips that hold it in place.

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This is a viable option I think for the future... My 18 volt batteries are dying off... I am making the transition to all 12 and 20 volt equipment. Looks like something could make the gap do-able? the 3.0 amp battery in a slide adapter made from an 18 volt battery case? small voltage drop resistor... Lots of horsepower... think it would be a hit for us guys that have lots of 18 volt equipment!!!!


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Actually the 20V Max line and the older 18V have similar voltages. The choice to go with the 20V Max labeling was to avoid confusion like many Bosch users are going through when they go to purchase new batteries. I imagine the old 12V and the 12V Max lines will have some folks a little confused when it comes to replacement batteries.

What I would envision for an adapter is one that latches into the tool like the old battery and then allows the new pack to slide on. I could see a price point of about $25 to $35 US dollars to allow purchase of one per each tool you would like to extend the usable life of. It seems to me it would work well for the tools you use once and a while, not the ones you use every day.

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Well I have created my own contraptions (usually by cutting the handle off a dewalt tool and hollowing out the battery of the off brand tool and linking them together) to make the dewalt batteries fit into some random tools that I have which are not dewalt.  Ryobi, Black and Decker, and Power Wheels in my house all run off dewalt.  It might not look professional but it works and I think Dewalt would have the means to make this work and not look dumb.

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Aren't the electronics actually the issue that would prohibit using stempack batteries (18V) in slidepack tools (20V Max / 18V XR)?

Even with an adapter/convertor...

I can't Imagine someone wanting to use an older 18V battery in the newer tools, unless that person had a lot of usable older battery packs. At that point I would have purchased an older style bare tool instead of a slidepack tool. If you did try to make an adapter, it would have to slide on the handle, have a well not quite 2 1/2" (about 60mm) deep for the battery to fit into. I am guessing all total (adapter + battery pack) would probably add at least 4 and probably closer to 5 inches of length or height, dependent upon battery location on the tool. That would make most tools pretty awkward to use in my eyes.

If you went old tool/ new slidepack battery, your adapter would slip into the battery well and latch. The new battery would slide onto that. I am guessing that would add an inch (25mm) or so to the original battery location. Since the new battery bodies aren't as tall, I am guessing the total height/ length change old versus new battery would be + or - 1/2 inch.

As for the electronics question, I currently only have 18V tools, so I can't look and compare the manuals for a stempack impact or drill versus a slidepack impact or drill. It would be interesting to see if they have the same trigger modules. 

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