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dw744 sawdust


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I have a dw744 that I got second hand. I love the saw but it seems to throw a lot of sawdust out everywhere. Admittedly I'm not using a shop vac with it right now but it seems that a lot of it is coming out towards the front of the saw.

Is the blade supposed to be exposed at the top underneath the table? There is a shroud at the bottom but is that all it has?

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Having my DW744 in very small quarters, I have noticed the same issue as the OP. I had a 4" 2.5HP? Rigid Shop Vac connected and running when I was sawing some MDF. The amount that actually went into the shop-vac was probably less than half. Dust was everywhere. The dust on the hose appeared to be statically charged as it was pointing spikes of saw dust outward.  I noticed that the majority of the sawdust was coming out the blade guard and being more-or-less dumped onto ME.

This makes the saw almost unusable in the basement. Given the amount of dust coming out the top vs. the exhaust port does not suggest that a more expensive dust collection system would accomplish anything beyond emptying my wallet.

Usually, after several cuts of any given type of wood there is sufficient dust on the fence gauge to prevent it from being readable.

FWIW, I have a DW744 type 1, I believe.

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