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Keep the hard cases alive! DCK491L2 In a 4 tool hard case!


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Just put my new 20 Max kit into a hard case I had from a DCK470L.  It actually fits everything nicely.  The circular saw fits perfect with battery.  The reciprocating saw fits only without a battery.  The drill fits good with battery, just a little bit off in its cradle, and the light also fits perfectly, with no battery, and charger does as well. There is even a couple spots on the left for a 3.0 and 1.5 battery.  I am thinking of cutting or melting into the plastic to fit my impact drill in place of the light but i'll hold off until I order the Brushless model since it might fit a bit different.

I know this is not a big deal but I thought I would share for the hard case lovers.

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Not yet, as I have a lot of blades in my collection to go through before I ever think of buying more.  I would like to try them out though!!  Yes sadly almost all my blades are red and yes it is ugly and every one of my tools in my garage IS yellow.  I do have an old solid yellow 10" 60 precision trim blade on my table saw that is a favorite though!

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I recently bought some new Milwaukee tools and they fit in my old nicad circ/sawzall/drill/light box. The circ needs to be pulled/held forward and the Sawzall needs to be just perfect, but it closes.The circ slide-in guide even fits the new saw, and the charger fits perfectly.  I can fit both 12v drivers in the same space as the old hammer drill with a little trimming. Now I need to get a new light and check the fit. Then make some cuts where the old hammer drill clip-on handle went and use this to put a "right angle" drill or multitool in that spot with some hook and loop tape. I test fit everything and the case is damn heavy, probably too heavy. Just adding an extra 12v drill and the 12v multitool and extra batteries really adds up the weight fast.


I'm scared to cut it up.....waiting on the yet to be announced stackable Milwaukee tool boxes. Please hurry up Milwaukee.

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