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DCD985L2 Third gear grinding


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I bought a DCD985L2 kit 2 days ago.  Today I drilled two holes with a 15/16 spade bit, every thing was fine using the second gear. Then I decide to drive some 3 inch screws with the third speed, under load the drill makes a horrible grinding sound. the other two gears still work fine. the drill was set to drill mode so the clutch shouldn't be engaging. I guess it must be a faulty gearbox. I will be returning it tomorrow and hoping the replacement works fine.

If anyone knows if it could be something else please let me know?


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I tried it in all three modes and it was the same. Anyways I brought it back and got a new one earlier today, when I got home the chuck on the new one was stuck open. I could not get it to close so I could put a bit in it. So back to the store I went again to get a third one, everything seems fine with this one (knocking on wood).

I felt like just getting my money back and getting a different brand but I got a really nice deal when I bought the DCD985L2 kit. During the promotion the Dewalt rep changed out the DCF885B impact driver for the DCS391B Circular Saw, so I basically got two tools for the price of one. I already got An impact driver if I ever update it I'd rather get the DCF895B Brushless.

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