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Impact drills are taken for granted.


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I just wanted to share this tidbit about impact drills. I believe that they have surpassed the drill driver... I just recently started to notice this in the last 3 days when I let someone borrow my work drill driver (in the avatar) and I took my impact to work instead (12v max). And now I don't want to go back to my drill drivel anymore. The hammering seems stronger than the first speed and the drilling seems better too.

When trying to screw in a 3 inch screw in hard wood with my drill driver, I would follow these steps to a T..

-set the drill to slowest gear.

-set clutch to drill mode only.

-put all pressure from your body against it to not strip screw head.

-the screw head may break if it hits a knot in the wood.

With the impact I can basically eliminate all of the above... I see many benefits that surpass the drill driver in my point of view. They do drilling too but there are no good, impact-ready, ¼ shanks yet (i googled)... I am starting to fall in love with the impact driver. It has more benefits than the drill driver... which I would really like if dewalt came up with a drill like the 3rill... as a matter of fact, I will buy it this week to try it out but I can predict that it will not be good like dewalt. but i don't mind paying $140 dollars for the ride of a life time.

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I first started out with the DCD710 drill driver. Really helpful in my home projects since. And then I had the chance to secure a DCF815 impact, and man does this impact rocks. It drives screws much much better into hardwood than the drill driver, and with minimal effort. After using both for about a month now, the DCD710 is set for drilling works. The screwing is only used for areas requiring torque sensitive applications. The DCF815 is doing most of the hard works nowadays.

My only trouble is getting the bits with the 1/4" ends to work with the tool. Also found that I have yet to damage any screw heads whilst using the impact driver but have broken about 4 philip No. 2 bits (the same ones that came with the tools).

IMHO, both of these tools do compliment each other, and they do come in a pair which will considerably lower cost of ownership further rather than bought individually.

My wish is to secure the DCS310 which will really compliment my 12v max lineup.....

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definitely both compliment each other I will not sell my dcd710... and next on my list is that dcs310 too I liked that tool the first day I laid my eyes on it. Anyway, since I am a guy that likes to make my work as easy as I can get it, I added a little bits caring thing to my drill... just thought I would share.

Oh and a tip for those impact drivers owners.  stuck kitchen sink disposers with the ¼ hex hole at the bottom usually can turn them loose with an allen wrench. But some are really stuck... just use a long philips or flat head bit and stick it under the disposer and impact away forward and reverse, the disposer should come free and remove the stuck debri from inside with needle nose pliers.  


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