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Short review on DCD710 and DCF815 -12v Max System


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Hi all, just wanted to share my experience on both the DCD710 drill/driver and DCF815 impact driver.

Being new to the home DIY scene, I opted for Dewalt 12v max based on my research on the web on whats offered these days and of course for its style and design which is in tune with my needs.

I wanted to know the extend of both tools and after using both roughly for a couple of months now, today did a test by utilising a 7/8" spade bit to see how many holes I can bore on a piece of tropical treated hardwood here in Malaysia called 'Chengal'. The thickness is 2 inches.

With freshly charged batts (I have 4 in total) I manage to get the following results on average:-

DCD710 - 8 holes and DCF815 - 12 holes. Per battery.

My findings, the

1) DCD710 bores faster than the impact but requires the user to put some effort during boring works. Impact is easier on the operator.

2) I found that the battery in the DCD710 is hotter than the impact battery when the battery is fully drained which means that the drill driver sucks more juice than the impact. Or the impact is more efficient in using the power from the battery.

3) On the DCD710, the motor area at the end is the hottest, however on the impact the gear box at the front is hotter than the motor end. Which goes to show that the load is more at the gear box than the motor for the impact thus makes the drain on the battery much less than the drill driver.

4) Impact driver having the rubber surround around motor makes placing the hand much more comfortable than the drill driver. Furthermore, the motor cooling cutouts for the drill/driver are situated too close at the end and would be covered by the hand when it is placed there for supporting the tool.

5) Variable speed switch on both tools are easy to operate thus makes controlling the speed expecially on the impact easy and pleasant to use during fastening works.

6) Both tools are comfortable when in operation. Except the impact which is very loud to the extend that ear protection is a worthwhile investment.

Conclusion: These two tools fit my needs as a home DIYer. Really appreciate its compact size and the performance it provides. Of course there are cons, such as small capacity battery, no bit holder, inefficient inspection light on drill driver, which to me are minor. I am glad that I have chosen Dewalt 12v Max system. I am now saving for the reciprocating saw and probably one of the 20v max hammer drills...

Thank you all..

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