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DW733 Planer blades?


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This is my 1st post- just looking for info-

I did a search for planer blades for my 12 1/2" planer, DW733, but the search turned up 0 posts.

My blades are getting a bit dull and need sharpened, and I'd like some suggestions.

1. Do you use an authorized Dewalt service center ( nearest one is about 50 miles) or just take them to a local machine shop?

2. Are there carbide blades available? Do you have a Mfr? Part number?

Thanks for any help!

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The blades should still be available. Call your closest service center, and they can ship them to you so that you don't have to drive that far.

Don't get your old blades sharpened. If you do it will throw all of your calibrations off. Definately better off buying new ones.

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I have successfully resharpened my planer knives about 10 times . 

The included magnetic setting tools are there to position the cutting edges precisely.

I have replaced my bearings once and I am about to do it again along with the rollers.

My 733 planer is about 12 years old and still going strong in a production shop.

I get almost no snipe when I use it correctly. What a great tool it has been

God bless all,



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