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Dewalt DC823KA impact wrench broken after 2 bolts


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Hey guys,

so im new to this forum. Looking forward to your input! So i just purchased the Dewalt 18V XRP impact driver online. I went to use it to break some bolts on my car. 2nd bolt in, the tool stopped working.

In essence, the motor will spin but the chuck will not rotate. i suspect that some gears may have shredded in the tool. Is this normal? Shall i call dewalt directly

needless to say, i am very dissapointed with this tool so far. i have never had a tool that has broken itself after 5 minutes of proper use.


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Bought it brand new from amazon.com. i could defitnelly smell the break-in fumes coming off the motor. i thought there was something wrong, but the forums say that the fumes are the break-in coating on the brushes.

I did call amazon though and they are shipping another tool for free next day. Hope this one works properly!

but yeah, when it broke, the tool felt like it had plastic gearing. the tool must have done a total of 50 (impact) hits before the motor and the wrench stopped talking to each other. my battery is probably at 97% charge. haha

Any thought on why?

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No idea why. Definitely sounds like it had a bad part in there somewhere. As far as the plastic goes, there is no plastic in the motor or transmission on DeWALT impact drivers.

The new one should take care of you. Glad to hear that amazon stepped up as well..

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