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Can I replace the plastic chuck with a metal one?


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Hi all,

Newbie here. I just bought a dcd780 to replace my black and decker because the keyless chuck on it seized up and I can't find a replacement for it because it's a proprietary quick connect deal that they don't make anymore. I got it at Home depot, and the only other drill they had was the 985 and I don't need a hammer drill for working around the house, but I liked the metal chuck on it. So I was wondering if I could replace the plastic ratcheting keyless chuck on the 780 with the metal ratcheting one from the 980 which is a regular cordless drill, but shares the same chuck with the 985.

I think the only thing would be wether the attaching method is the same between the two and I can't tell that from pictures.

Thanks for any info.


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I am as well just waiting to see the simple answer of yes or no.  I am with you on the preference of a metal chuck over a plastic one ( even if there is metal hiding in it)  The plastic does seem cheap and I have NEVER liked it.  It gets gauged, scratched, looks and feels like crap.  I also LOVE when people tell you what you dont need for around the house.  Who gives people the right to tell you what you do or dont need for your applications they know nothing about.

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Thanks Jevink, I bought the drill because the plastic chuck on my other drill locked up. I'm not comparing the quality of the two, because the one that locked up was a black and decker firestorm and the quality of the Dewalt chuck probably is better than the other one but I don't want to find out again in 4 years that I can't get parts for it.

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