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need help/advice dxpw3025 Pressure Washer


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today I purchased this pressure washer. If you know anything about these than all the reviews say if ur lucky enough to find one with the cat pump than buy it. My local store did not have it but I drove an 60 miles to my next closest store. There display had the cat pump, they had one left in stock that did not. After a fight with the manger he let me have it. well most of the parts were missing so I took them out of the one in the box. Well after getting it home Im In a mess. No air filter, an oil dip stick missing,brass attachment to pump for hose an chemical mixer was mixing, and the weirdest thing was is the manual said that the motor required you to add oil which I had. It said the pump had oil in it from the factory.Mine had no oil. I cant exactly swap it out because the other pump has miserable reviews and if u know about these than u know you need the cat pump? Its gonna be to cold soon and I have stuff that needs done asap. Comments or any help would be fantastic!! thanks

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