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Replacement chuck for my new DWD215G ???


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Hi All,

I would like to replace the OEM unit with a standard keyed 1/2' capacity chuck,simply because I feel that a drill of this capacity

needs a stronger chuck to hold twist drills when drilling steel materials.

I'd like to hear from anyone that has done this conversion,or, knows what specific keyed chuck will fit for this drill....


Sam in Indiana

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I just replaced my dwd215g's chuck last night with a new Jacobes from lowes. The new chuck is a 2 part keyless, all metal. Removing the old chuck was a nightmare. 3 hours to get it done. what ever you do, take the allen key in the chuck route. DO NOT go the channel lock route. all I did was destroy the old chuck and spend hours figuring out how to get it off from their. All I can say is, if your going to replace your chuck, make sure you use it enough to make it worth doing.

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