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DCD985L2 - friction/rubbing noise heard during slow motor rotation


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New here and I have a quick question.  Recently bought my first dewalts (former Bosch/Ridgid guy).  Both the drill and impact seem pretty solid so far.

I have noticed that the drill has a slight grinding/friction type noise like something is off center in the power train of the drill somewhere.  You can only hear it when in low speed (trigger) during a slow rotation, it happens in all 3 gears in both forward and reverse.

I did notice however, this only happens then the drill is held horizontally, when vertical or drilling downwards position the noise disappears.

I never hard previous drills do this before, anything of concern?  I have seen reference of others describing similar noise online but no feedback on results or proposed answers.  Just scrutinizing the new tool for reliability since it's a new purchase.

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When I first bought a DeWalt the first thing I did was jump the gun on the clutch action.  The DCD985 is a well built drill, heavy duty and can withstand shear hell fire.  I'm not really sure what sound you're referring to, I'll have to check mine and see...  does it drill well when you pull the trigger all the way back in all three speeds?  IF so, it's probably just a normal bearing sound or stator sound.

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