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20v batteries, poor cold weather performance?


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First off, I'm glad I found this forum. I'm Matt from Denton, Texas. Been an auto mechanic most of my life so I'm no stranger to tools, however only been a home owner for about 6years. So household/carpentry type tools, not really in my background. I found this site Google-ing for info on a DeWalt radio for the 20v lithium system and thought I'd toss my issue up on your board. Thanks y'all.

Had to build a gate last weekend, in about 40 degree weather, and my batteries made it a chore. I only have 2 that came with the hammer drill, sawsall, circular saw, and flash light, combo pack. They are about a year old and used for home maintenance/hobby only. I was lucky to get 2-3 cuts of a 5" wide cedar fence picket before it died. Now this summer my neighbor and I replaced most of our fence between us, him using his "contractor abused" 18v Dewalt and my new 20v saws. I also used my 12v lithium screw gun and 3/8 impact for screws and hardware. He was jealous of the power and battery life of even my 12v stuff. Now that the weathers cold they are near worthless. They don't test bad in the charger and I know temp affects batteries. But they are honestly as useable as the junk $150 Ryobi set I had 6 years ago before I invested in some good tools. Anyone have the same experience or suggestions before I sell a kidney to buy the 20v radio should it ever be released?

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I have noticed that being in my truck for awhile in cold causes them to die quicker than my old ni cads did. Although when I charge them I have no issues. In the same weather a few days ago a grabbed one battery mixed an entire bucket of thinset, with my hammer drill. That's usually hard on a battery if u have never done it. Than a bit later ripped a door down with my skill saw with that same battery, and also drilled out the door holes for locks.  The battery was still fine later because I pulled out the flashlight and gave it to my dad for hanging x mas lights at night. He used it for 20 to 30 min why I was there and than I left ,he still had it rolling

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Definately warranty the batteries out. 40 degrees isn't cold in regards to the temps these batteries are designed to operate under.

How long are the batteries under warranty and do they have a build date on them? I'm sure I don't have the receipt for them. How would I go about sending them in for warranty? In north of Dallas Texas in Denton 76210, should there be a place close by. Thanks for the replies y'all

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You have a 2 year warranty on the 1.5 amp hour packs, and 3 year warranty on the 3.0 amp hour packs.  There are date codes engraved on all DeWALT tools and batteries.  The will be on the top of the battery, and be a number like 201227, meaning they were made on the 27th week of 2012. 

You can call 1800-4-DeWALT to find your nearest service center, or to get shipping information to return it that way.  Depending on the return policy of wherever you bought the batteries, you can probably exchange the batteries there.

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