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DCD780 Noise


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Hi, I just got a new DCD780 and had a quick question. First time with a DeWalt tool, upgraded from cheap brand for home owner/small DIY projects as the old drill was having some battery issues and not enough power for some larger spade bit tasks. 

I'm a little concerned about a noise I'm hearing in 2nd gear when I release the trigger though.  I was comparing my 2 drills today, DeWalt is way more powerful, but when I release the trigger in 2nd gear it makes a "click-click-click" noise.  It happens in both directions, but it doesn't happen in 1st gear. I'm not sure if it's just the clutch gearing down, or the ratcheting chuck, or something else.  Mostly I'm wondering if anyone else out there with this drill notices the same things.  Again, it's a new drill, so this could be completely normal behavior.

Thanks in advance,


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Drills with single sleeve chucks have an automatic spindle lock mechanism that prevents the drivetrain from spinning when you tighten or loosen the chuck for bit changes.  The spindle lock mechanism is essentially a one way clutch that allows the motor to spin the chuck, but prevents the motor and transmission from spinning when you twist the chuck collar.  It is normal for drills with this type of mechanism to make a clicking or clunk when you release the trigger in high gear.  The reason it makes the noise in high gear and not low is due to the high inertia of the rapidly spinning chuck which tends to engaging the spindle lock mechanism just like when you manually twist the chuck.  This is completely normal and does not indicate a problem with you unit.

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I have a DCD780 that makes a clicking noise when I tilt it to the right and the trigger is compressed about 40%.  When the drill is upright or tilted to the left there is no noise.  Also, when the drill is running at full speed there doesn't seem to be a clicking noise no matter which way I tilt it.


The drill is new so is it gear alignment that will correct itself over time or is there something else I should worry about.  It is a great drill with tons of power.  I just don't want to ruin it ....





The byte.dr

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