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Thoughts on the DCK280C2 Combo?


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Hey guys, after fighting tooth and nail with RIGID customer service to replace my drill and impact driver, I've decided to jump ship and come to the light side  ;) I know very little about Dewalt other than envying my friends and family that use them. After doing a short bit of research, I've stumbled upon the DCK280C2 combo. Right now at Home Depot/Lowe's it's only $10 more than the drill itself, so why not! The kit would be used for typical DIYer stuff, use around the home, maybe build a deck or fence or two, nothing insane.

That being said, what is your guys' opinion of the DCK280C2? It fits perfectly in my price range. I know the Jacobs chucks suffer from chuck wobble, so I'm prepared for a couple exchanges.

Also, what is the difference between the DCK280C2 Home Depot sells, and the DCK280C2-4 Lowes sells?


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I work for Dewalt so I won't give my biased opinion on the kit but I will say that the Lowes and HD models are exactly the same despite the -4. Also, that's a great price!

Even better, the Farm and Fleet near me has the combo on sale for $199, so I can go to Home Depot and have them price match plus take off 10%

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