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240v SDS Hammer supplied in Toughsystem Box?


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Hello all! I'm looking for a new mains voltage SDS hammer drill and am spoilt for choice with the DeWalt range, but I'd ideally like one that comes in a Toughcase with an insert, like my DCK290L2 drill/driver and impact driver twin pack. At the moment I'm using a Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR 2Kg drill which is doing the job, but I want a slightly more powerful one from DeWalt so I can give the Bosch to my brother and have one that comes in a Toughsystem box to fit in with the rest of my gear. I'm beginning to replace all of my tools with DeWalt ones or those that will fit into Toughsystem boxes.

So, does such a drill exist? Thanks in advance!

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Dewalt will concentrate on a certain amount of tools that will go into the Tough Systems.. Obviously the biggest sellers etc.. When it comes to putting an SDS in a 150 Tough Box, the cost of the item rockets..

I had the same issue when looking for an 18v SDS in a tough system.. Basically I had to buiy the Cordless unit, and a separate 150 Tough Box. I then took the original box that the cordless cam in, cut the lid off, and then cut the base part to size and created my own insert...

I'll take a photo and post up for you to see... Might be your only option...

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That makes sense, thanks for letting me know! I'd be happy enough to cut  up the standard box that the D25124K comes in to fit it in a DS150 box. I'd love to see some pics of how you did yours. I could also have a foam insert CNC cut for it like some of my other tools are going to need, but I'm holding off on that for now until I have most or all of the cases that I'll be getting inserts cut for.

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Ah, you're an owner of one of the amazing Toughsystem racked vans I've seen! Very nice, I love your setup and would love to do the same with mine some day, but wouldn't do it with my current one, would need to change before I do anything that extensive. I'm hoping to get a Caddy early next year, but there are a lot of other major things that need to be done first - like rennovating the workshop!

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