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Toughsystem Snapped Side Handle


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Hi all

I'm fairly new to the Toughsystem, have got the trolley, a DS400 + DS300 and soon to have a 2-drawer unit.

Overall pretty impressed, however...

Was carrying the DS400 with a fairly full set of tools and one of the side handles snapped right off! On examination the small plastic hinges that hold it on had split open. My supplier has agreed to exchange under warranty which is great, but I wanted to ask: Are we not supposed to lift these boxes by those handles?!

From looking at the hinge assembly it is definitely doomed to failure if used with any sort of weight in there, so I wondered if they are only there for use with the stacking system (to lock the box in place)? For such a large and potentially heavy toolbox the small hinges on the side definitely don't look tough enough to me...

Thanks for any opinions in advance


PS: Some very impressively racked out vans/trucks on here guys  :o

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I think that the official line from Dewalt, is that the Main Carrying Handle is in the Lids (or a second on the front of a 150).. I am unaware of any 'small print' stating this anywhere though.

The side handles are merely 'locking points' for the racking system, and only really to be used to lift/move the boxes from any racking system... wether that be in a van, workshop, or trolley..

I have loaded my boxes with a view to keeping them as light as possible making them easier to carry. And have a lockable vault in the van for most of my power tools that I feed from on a 'As and When' basis...

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Thanks for the input guys. I have noted about the side handles - will just use them for storage in the future haha  :-[

Different topic: What sort of trestles are the guys using on here when they rack their vans out with Toughsystem brackets in the pictures ?

Thanks, Paul

On the back of my van Paul, I use the DE7035 Trestles... Mine were so abused (and standing up well) that when I had my racking Powder coated in black, I decided to have the trestle ends done in black to match (from the original yellow)..

Here they are in the Van...


And here is a link to them in the UK... available as singles or pairs...


Another Van on here is from Mr Yellow (Europe).. His trestles are upright on the bulkhead.. here is his (i am sure he won't mind me sharing this pic)


Hope this helps...

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Great stuff, thanks guys. Lots for me to go on here...

Final question: On all of these amazingly racked out vans are you guys stacking your Dewalt toolboxes side by side on the prefab Toughsystem trolleys, or are you making your own stands out of 25mm square tubing and Toughsystem brackets?

I'm guessing you are making your own stand assembly's but just wanted to be certain  :)

Ta, Paul

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I used aluminium, but steel tube (which Rossi7x used) works best.

Thing is, before I started my assembly I wasn't able to take a glance at the trolley, so I didn't really notice the rounded edges on the steel frame. Turned out the brackets are designed for tubes with rounded edges. Something aluminum doesn't have (unless custom work or special order)

But with a small modification the brackets works just as well.


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