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New Li-Ion batteries in DC825KB ?


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Hi there

I have a DC825KB impact driver (which I love!) and an older 18v drive/drill (dewalt) that use the same style NiMH batteries.

I've also recently bought the deWalt radio that charges/runs off these style batteries.

My older drill is slowly dying (its very old and was a hand-me-down) and I want to replace it with something from the current line up. My question is do the new high-performance (XRP) cordless drill/drivers use batteries that are compatible with my Impact Driver? From what I can see the batteries look totally different. I don't really want to have a "mix" of battery styles if I can avoid it. AM i better off going for say the DCD925 with 2 NiMh rather than say the DCD980?

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Are you in Europe/Outside the US? The newer system 20v Max (US)/18v XR (Eur) has slide pack batteries that will not work with your radio or impact driver. I would stick with the 18v stem pack style in your case. Unless you can still return the Radio and upgrade to 20v Max/18v XR. A 2 tool drill/Impact kit would cost about $250-280 US and the new Radio that takes the slide pack batteries will be out in the next few months.

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Hi there

many thanks for that, I am indeed in the UK.

Shame that the new lineup isn't compatible with the old kit...I guess that's progress.

Rumour has it that the new stuff comes with a 3 yr warranty here in the UK, whereas the older stuff I believe is one year only. So the peace of mind might be worth the inconvenience of 2 different battery types.

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I would deffo go for the New XR slide pack platform.. The Tools are better for a start...

I too have a Radio an batteries on the old style 'plug in' platform.. Bu I am keeping the batteries for the Radio only, and I am gonna wait to see wether the New Radio cuts the mustard..

If you can, I would even try to go for the Brushless Impact driver. The run time on the batteries is really good, esp with the New 4.0a/h batteries..

The advantage of the New platform is that all batteries from 10.8v to 18v are chargeable in the same charger. you can also buy different batteries for differing Jobs.. ie a smaller lighter 1.5a/h battery will make the tool feel lighter, and be usefull for Kitchens etc.. whereas a 4.0a/h battery will be slightly heavier but will give you maximum run-time (ie impact driving Index screws in a roof)...

Batteries are like the fuel tank of the unit...  Power is still the same, but a 3.0a/h will run approx twice as long as a 1.5a/h, and approx 30% less than a 4.0a/h..

If i'm doing Kitchens then I roll with 1.5a/h batteries all day long to make the tool more compact and lighter

New platform all the way..


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