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DWS535 Worm drive circular saw


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I live in Oregon (northwest US), and all any of us use are worm drives.  There are small pockets of exceptions around here, but I would argue that most direct drive users in this area bought them because of the lower price point.  I have always used work drives, and in my humble opinion, I don't understand why anyone uses direct drives... ;).

I am sure that we are all biased to what we are used to, and work drives are a west coast saw in general.

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I'm looking for a new circular saw for 1st fix work was wondering if anyone has the worm drive saw.

I know it's not available in the uk, is there a reason why (no market for it?)

Is it too heavy?



Hi Dan...

Spoke to an 'Ex' Dewalt Product guy the other day about this, and he says that Dewalt used to have worm drive saws for sale in the UK way back. However, due to European Legislation, they are no longer able to sell them in the UK..

The US re-vamped their version a few years back, and he was looking to bring it across form the US for the UK and European markets, but EU rulings got in the way.

Apparently even in the US there is a West coast/East coast divide on this (popularity wise)..

Also, the blade is on the opposite side of the machine to conventional Saws used in Europe, so some folk would find it strange and weird, and ultimately not purchase..

If you want one, then it's e-bay or a friendly 'pal' visiting the US for you.... obviously only 110volt

Hope this helps ...

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That's mr health and safety getting in the way again!!

The blade being on the other side is not a prob I used to work with a guy who would buy skill saws in the us for that reason, me being left handed kinda works for me.

I was gonna order one from eBay and just see how it goes, I suppose its worth a try.

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