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DW744 XRS Fence does not slide well


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I have just set up my brand new 744xrs.  When the fence is installed and unlocked it is very stiff to move.  I think the fence mounts were made a bit tight and it is pulling the aluminum beams together a bit.  Anybody have a fix for this or do I need a new fence?  I was thinking of sanding the tabs on the fence so they don't pull in so hard.  When I take the fence off the rack and pinion rolls nice and smooth.

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I took a closer look and the inner and outer rail on the front side are galling up and making metal.  Obviously some sort of defect here so I am going to call Dewalt tomorrow.

Other than this nuisance I am super impressed with the quality and features of this saw.  I am stepping up from a King Canada piece of crap saw so this one seems like a Cadillac to me.

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Dewalt was going to ship me a new fence but they cannot ship to Canada?

Phoned Amazon as that is where I purchased this saw and holy cow they are going to send me a new saw right away free of charge and cover the cost to get this one back to them.  I've always used Amazon for small stuff and never had any issues but I was surprised at how easy they were to deal with about this issue.  I didn't even have to go through the normal rigamarole of giving them all my info etc. they just opened up my file and good to go.

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