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Problem with Squaring up and Aligning DW716 Type 1


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I have a dewalt DW716 Type 1, that I'm having all sorts of squaring up and alignment issues.

I've read the manual 10x and I've been through the troubleshooting of aligning it.

The blade is square at 90 degrees to the fence and the table.  When I move the saw to do an outside right angle the saw is aligned without issue and my front facing cut on the molding is 90 degrees which is right.

Now, the problem is when I swing the saw to do an outside left 45.  The saw is like a hair out of square, which is why I'm confused as well all.  I can't figure out for the life of me why when I make the cut the front facing angle is a hair off.

Even though the saw is a compound double-bevel, I haven't touched that.  I'm just doing baseboard molding and I don't use the bevel as of yet

*confused* and looking for help

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Maybe a defect?  I have had 2 Dewalt miter saws- DW715 Type 3 & DWS780 Type 1.  Both came with all angles set right out of the box, no adjustment needed.  So i have never personally had any issues with them.

This is a different model, but maybe it will help:

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