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Use of 20Vmax tools in Europe


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Hello there,

I know this topic has already been discussed in a previous thread, but I could not find the answer. So there it goes: I will be very soon leaving Canada where I have lived for the last 5 years and coming back to Europe, Spain. In my trip back, along with a separation, I would like to bring with me a set of Dewalt tools. As you know, these tools are much more expensive in europe (and very difficult to find in Spain) and it would be a great opportunity to have a nice set of tools for the same price in Spain I would get a basic entry leve Black&Decker set. For me it is also some kind of souvenirs. In my stay here I discovered the pleasures of the DIY projects and I would like to keep that. I am well aware of the drawbacks, as for example, the waranty not being honored outside North America, but I am willing to take the risk.

I am looking at the 5-tool combo (DCK592L2), 20Vmax. After looking aroud a lot, I think it is clear that the tools and batteries are the same as the 18V XR brand in Europe. So my question would be if I could charge my 20Vmax batteries with the european charger (DCB105 instead of the North American DCB101). Should this be the case, I would only need to buy an extra charger (around 80$) to have a fully operational set of tools.

I thinks it is possible, but I would like to have a confirmation before buying a set that, with tax and all, is close to 600$. Very big investment just for decorating a room if I cannot use them.

Thank you very much to anybody that could help me.

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Thank you mike for your reply. I will order the set now so when I come back to Canada to get all my stuff shipped back to Spain, the friend of mine that will be receiving it will have had the time to check that everything is fine.

Do you have an online shop to sell the chargers (and I guess other items)?



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