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Identifying fake batteries


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I recently purchased a battery for my dewalt cordless nail gun from an ebay seller who sells tool parts.  Looking at the picture in the auction it looked like either a real dewalt battery or a really good fake.  Sadly, what I received is not what was pictured in the auction.

I'm sure I know the answer to this... but could somebody verify that Dewalt hasn't changed their labels or anything.

Pictured is my original battery on left and what I was sent on the right.

Thanks for any help.

PS having problems uploading pics here.... was able to upload it to my gallery here: http://dewaltownersgroup.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view&id=51

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Those are both legit batteries.  Dewalt did change their print style around that time with those XRP's, gave it a bit more modern look.  If you go to your local hardware store they will currently look like the one on the right as well as having the tamper proof sticker on top(which is NOT tamper proof at all)  I have batteries that look like both of those as well as the 3 different looking Lithium XRP's.

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Well the one on the left is my older XRP battery... but the one on the right.....  The screws that hold it together are T15 while all my other dewalt batteries have T10 screws and after looking similar new batteries at the store, look at the 14.4v print.  Its not centered.  There is about twice as much or more space above it than below.  Print on store ones was centered and larger.

I am fairly confident this is a fake battery. 

Thanks for all replies.

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